Anyone who’s worked towards a weight loss or fitness goal knows it can be quite a journey. While it’s important to stay focused, that can easily turn into the unhealthy habit of waiting for that desired dress size to be happy. Here are some tips to help you avoid that trap and feel good in your own skin right now:

Focus on functionality

Your body may not be perfect but it does a lot for you. Whenever you perform a physical activity like walking around the block with ease, appreciate your body for it. Its main purpose, after all, is to keep you moving through life and if it’s doing that, you have something to feel good about.

Change what you can
right now

When it comes to how you look and feel the little things matter. Wear what you feel good in, change your hair, get your nails done, or choose a new signature scent. It’s hard not to feel good in your skin when you’re pampered and smelling delicious.

Believe in the inevitability
of your ideal body

If you’re dieting and working on fitness, you need to do so with absolute conviction that it’s just a matter of time until you reach your goals. Believing that the things you don’t love to see when you look in the mirror are temporary prevents your insecurities from having power over you.

Watch your thoughts

If your inner voice is in the habit of loudly and confidently criticizing your body, train it to compliment you with equal authority instead. Frequently point out the things you like about your body and use affirmations to keep those positive thoughts at the forefront of your mind.

Be selective about the
company you keep

Seek out people who speak kindly about others, bring out the best in you, are comfortable with their own imperfect bodies, and make you feel good about yours. If the people in your social circles are fueling your insecurities, it’s time to reevaluate your relationships and make some necessary changes. 

Detox your social media

In addition to people who surround you in real life, those who appear on your feed can also impact your body image. Never compare your whole reality with the snippets others choose to show. Take breaks when you need to and only follow accounts that help you feel good and inspire you.

Love yourself

Loving yourself will help you strike a balance between accepting yourself for your inherent worth and improving yourself because you are worthy of your own potential and being the best version of yourself. If you can only take away one point, this should be it – love yourself.

Like anything worthwhile, reaching your fitness goals will take time, but life is happening right now. Make it one of your goals to feel good about your body even as you work on getting it fitter.