An important question to ask yourself is Why? It is what will have sustainability, and keep you moving forward. As an entrepreneur who created three successful businesses in a three decade span, the main ingredients have been passion, intention and a bit of drive. My first business was an intimate hair salon in Santa Fe. I opened it with five clients. I remember someone saying she either has money or she has nerve. Neither was the case. I knew it would be successful. I saw the result in my heart and mind, although it had not yet come into fruition.

“Do not be concerned with the fruit of your action – Just give attention to the action itself. The fruit will come on its own accord”. Eckhart Tolle

I admit it takes some courage to do something like that.  When I look at my endeavor’s the common thread was a passion for creating beauty of all kinds, and sharing it with others. What is it for you? If there is doubt, know it is a natural emotion in the creation of something unknown.

As an entrepreneur there will be Sundays still in your jammies working on a project. For me it never feels like work. I feel joy and a heartfelt connection. it will take time, wand some sacrifice, but it is a journey worth taking.

What I learned along the way…

    Follow your first instinct

    Stay open, flexible, pay attention to opportunities.

    Know your strengths and limitations, learn how to delegate.

    Follow the 95% rule, especially for all the perfectionists.  When a project is 95% move on. The energy spent for that last 5% is exorbitant, and unnecessary.

I wish all you courageous women success and magic…

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