Is it just me or do you think everyone  feels the transformation of energy that
the spring brings?

Speaking of energy,

Yin yang  energy is split into what the Chinese call the Five Elements. They represent the 5 phases of ‘Qi’ (chi) which flows through nature and in our bodies.

The springtime is the season of the Wood Element, a time of big change, forceful and upward energy that holds purpose and structure.

In nature’s wisdom the color of the Wood element is green, like unripe fruit.

This season brings the first sight of the daffodil shoots bursting out of the ground, fruit trees starting to flower, and Asparagus shoots start to make their debut. These are the signs of new birth,

How do we connect to this natural birthing of spring? What do we need to shift in this magical time of the year.?

For me, as a  seasonal chef, and health coach, It begins with food.

I start to crave lighter ingredients, like the tenderness of spring vegetables, and sweet young greens. Our body with its infinite intelligence will have us lean into this opportune season.

Here is my favorite new recipe, that conjures the essence of spring.

Happy Cooking…

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