Monkey Mind is what the buddhists call the agitated state when our thoughts restlessly dash from idea to idea. Mindfulness can help us tame that habit.

Cooking offers a wonderful opportunity for us to train the mind to be present.  Instead of using the breathe to anchor the mind – as you would in a meditation.

The art of mindful cooking focuses our attention on the senses. Tuning them into the sights, sounds, and smells of the culinary task at hand. In applying your attention to the details of what you are doing, no matter what the task is, you will likely discover a feeling of calm:  Which will have you become a better cook, as you will start to connect to your intuition.

Even if you love to cook, where is your mind while preparing the ingredients, or stirring the soup?

Cooking does not have to be a rushed experience, or something we do on autopilot, without presence. My personal mantra in the kitchen is: put your mind where your hands are. I say it out loud to be sure I have heard it. This creates space for  presence.

Moreover, cooking is an act of self care, and reminds us we are worthy of a home cooked meal.

To your good health…

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